Roboto Board Hate Machine Award

2010 Award Recipient of the Roboto Hate Machine

While I was out getting shit done, it seems I received the Roboto Boards highest award of Hate Machine. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the awards ceremony, but consider this post my acceptance speech so we can all move on.

Oh, Roboto, from you I expected MOAR.

Let me start off by dispelling some common myths:

What’s up with this Iron City Punk?

It’s been years since the last release, and each time it’s changed hands. I was approached to do Iron City Punk vol. 4, and we got permission from Debbie, Rich Bach, etc. to go ahead and use the artwork and name.

Many of the bands are in the studio finishing their tracks now.

I am creating my own Roboto.

Join us at

One board to rule them all… Your posts will soon be contributing to the dystopia that is the Fooboto Boards. I personally certify the Fooboto boards are over 9000% better with our Nigerian hosting provider.

But in reality, Taylor Mervis was just trolling.

IndyMedia in Pittsburgh is Dead.

Just look at Pittsburgh’s Indymedia Website: It’s dead and it’s your fault.

What you neglected to mention was instead of whining, I went out and covered the G20.

Note: Rust Belt Radio is a very different story. Also, Ed Filowatt and Jeff with the Mattress Factory did a great job with the Crows system. Seriously, if you’re reading this: Pittsburgh’s Indymedia needs some major help, please volunteer if you can.

I do not live under the Birmingham Bridge, but I do enjoy drinking with the home-bums.
WTF Guys? Let me Google this for you… I have photos from events all over Pittsburgh and Philadelphia by different promoters (including Manny). I even held theĀ  The Discovery Zone venue in my garage when Taylor Mervis lost her old venue. While you’ve been discussing who I am, I’ve been in throwing Punk Island in New York (18 stages, 130+ bands, 6,748 attendees), threw together D.O.A. in Pittsburgh, and covered the Toronto G20. When’s the last time you left you hipster lair?

222 Ormsby was the right place for D.O.A. to play.

D.O.A. at 222 Ormsby was not Eviction Fest 2010. We put it at 222 Ormsby because we’re looking at strengthening the community, not our wallets. As Joey Shithead said, “You have a good thing going here. Don’t fuck it up.”

The final bill was:

  1. D.O.A. (Vancouver, CANADA)
  2. Destroy Everything (Chicago, IL)
  3. The Dirty South Revolutionaries (Charlotte, NC)
  4. Plastered Bastards (Pittsburgh, PA)
  5. Cast Out (Pittsburgh, PA)
  6. Burning Heads (FRANCE)
  7. Murder Majesty (Las Vegas, NV)

For $7? You all missed one hell of a show.

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Hi there,

    I was directed to your post by someone who attends shows at roboto regularly. My name is Brian, I've volunteered at Roboto for a pretty long time. Just a heads up, that message board you're concerned about has not been affiliated with Roboto for over five years now, precisely because people confuse the opinion of random internet folk with the opinion of a collective show space. You can hate a message board (although, you do seem like a busy guy, and your time might be better spent not worrying about what someone you don't know says about you on the internet), and you're welcome to dislike roboto, but don't confuse the two. The Mr. Roboto Project, has no more relation to that board than does Mr. Smalls, Garfield Artworks, or Madison Square Garden.

    It appears that certain members of the ntmto message board think you're kind of a joke, but I can say with 100% certainty that no one Roboto Board of Directors knows who you are, cares what shows you promote, how you promote them, or where you chooose to do them. Frankly, I think most of us Roboto folk are into seeing someone promote shows with such vigor and enthusiasm.

    Good luck with your with what your doing, but we'd appreciate if you'd keep Roboto's name out of your complaints, as we have nothing whatsoever to do with it. I'm sure you'd be able to sign up for an account on the board so that you can defend your honor.

    1. Brian,

      Thank you for a well thought out comment. It means the world.

      In short, I was trolling the ‘Roboto Boards’. The attention was a great highlighter and I am sure it brought extra people out to that show. The $7 domain of was also over-glorified with the traffic it received. I didn’t make an account at the Roboto Boards because defending ‘honor’ on the internet is foolish.

      The only chatter I have heard pertaining to the Mr. Roboto Project’s views on me were, “[Max, Foo, or 222] killed Roboto.” and we “Aren’t on good terms.” This runs under the assumption that 222 Ormsby, The Discovery Zone, and various unsung house venues were the final nail in the coffin to the Wilkinsburg Roboto venue and the members were spiteful. Thus I never bothered to write, call, or e-mail. I’m glad to see this is not the case.

      Don’t hesitate to email or call if you need anything. I have several sets of PA’s, servers, sticker makers, screen printing machines, etc. I’m a hoarder and loaner of useful junk.


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