How to Invite ALL Facebook Friends to a Fan Page or Event

You’re on Facebook, check. You have friends, check. And now you want them all to know the cool thing you’re doing. Facebook doesn’t allow you to “select all” friends when sending an invite, but there are some creative ways around it to select them all with ease.

Javascript Selection:

1. Go to your Fan Page, Event, Group or page and click “Invite People”.

2. Be patient while your friends load. It will come up without anyone selected.

3. Copy and paste the javascript code below into your browser’s address bar, then hit “Enter”.

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

4. All the invites will go out according to the queue Facebook sets up.

There are several ways to use GreaseMonkey with Firefox, but I am currently testing to find the best solution.

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  1. This sounds great if only the invite friends field would come up. Several of us are trying to receive the 100FV (Farm Ville Cash) FREE but it doesn't work please tell us how it is supposed to work.

  2. Hey Foo. Thanks for following me on Twiiter. I will be following you in the next few minutes. This is EXACTLY why I love Social Media. You and I could not be more different. I left my punk rock days and protesting days behind me years ago (although I will say I have no respect for Harper) and instead am somewhat of an unemployed house wife and mother (in a good way) passionate about Social Media. …and here we are, connecting and finding something in common.

    All the best with your shows this summer. Don't get caught in any riots. I do support your right to do what you do and look forward to your tweets.


    Nanci Murdock

    Montreal, QC

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