I thank everyone who’s written about the things I’ve had to say. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep track of all the interviews I’ve given or where my photos have ended up. I will however, try to keep posting links as they come on my twitter account @iwasaround

Recent Political Shenanigans:

Occupy movement holds national gathering in Philadelphia

Reuters – Occupy Protesters Evicted Across the US

Time Out New York – Occupy Survey

ITN Source – New York protesters express concern over the crackdowns on OWS encampments in other U.S. cities – Foo Occupy Wall Street Interview – Occupy Wall Street vs the Tea Party

CBS  New York – Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return To Zuccotti Park After Thousands-Strong Times Square Turnout

Occupy Pittsburgh Now 5/12 – “Capitalism’s inherent nature to expand profits by any means—including destruction of its own workers”

Other Politico

[Toronto] G20: Shut Doors = Broken Windows

Crimethinc – [Pittsburgh] G20 Mobilization: Preliminary Assessment

NPR – G20 Makes Pittsburgh Look Good

Photography Oriented:

Yes Magazine –  The Virtues of Deglobalization

Philadephia Weekly – (In)Specter Maggot

Arrested Motion – Openings: Shepard Fairey “Supply & Demand” @ Warhol Museum

I Heart PGH – Kellee Maize CD Release

All Voices – Pittsburgh police reluctantly stifle dissent at G 20 meetings.

Environmental News Service – G-20 ‘Green’ Pittsburgh Summit Surrounded by Protesters

Digital Journal – Tear gas flies in Pittsburgh at the G20 conference

Digital Journal – New York Men Used Twitter to Direct G20 Protesters

Fashion Shenanigans:

New York Times – Coming to Grips With Lugging an iPad


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