Open Letter to Skatopia Fans

I have received a number of phone calls over the last few days in reference to Skatopia. While I would love to answer all the questions presented, I’ll provide the common answers needed.

I and my brand are no longer associated with Skatopia;
Furthermore, bands booked for Bowl Bash XV by “Foo” have been misinformed.

In January’s announcement of the American Skate Fest, which I was not part of, Bowl Bash XV was rescheduled to June 18th &19th. This conflicts with my work on NY Punk Island which falls on the same weekend. While Brewce and I tried to work out the logistics, the fact remains: I cannot be at two places at once.

I’m not too bummed about it: This is an awesome year to be a punk.

Punk Island has over 100 bands scheduled for 13 stages. I’m working on a Foo Fest in Pittsburgh slated to have over 250 bands. And I’m wrapping up five punk compilation albums including the next generation of the legendary Iron City Punk. Not to mention all the punk bands that have taken their instruments to the road making these things possible.

I wish Skatopia and Brewce all the best.


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