August Wilson Center Prepares for Opening

VP Jeff Anderson Showing ExhibitsPittsburgh, PA received major renovation this year following the victories of it’s Steelers, Penguins and announcement of its selection for the G20 Summit. The town is bustling with renewal and preparations.

Outside the Postal Service is removing mailboxes from city streets. Another contractor is welding sewer covers closed. Yet inside is a more frantic story. Last minute items are being serviced for the grand opening of the August Wilson Center for African American Culture.

Last Minute Construction at the August Wilson Center

The $39.5 million living museum will officially open tomorrow and African American architect Allison Williams’ design will be actualized. Though filled with contractors now, the 65,000 square-foot complex will house a 486-seat theatre, classrooms, café, gift shop and rental space.

The center was named in honor of playwright August Wilson who passed away in 2005. Wilson, a Pittsburgh native, received two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama for The Pittsburgh Cycle.

Tomorrow’s tribute and ceremony will run 5pm to midnight.

Live Coverage can be followed via @iwasaround on Twitter.

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