So… About the Trouble at Thrival Music Festival

Tl;dr: Thrival Music Festival is not my problem. Please stop calling. It brings me no joy hearing the problems with a Pittsburgh music Festival are public. This week I’ve received calls from agencies, promoters, etc. about the trouble with Thrival Music and Innovation Festival. Naturally, with any turmoil there is confusion. Let’s clarify. Thrival is […]

Manny Theiner Will Screw Your Band Over

I wrote this article years ago. Manny Theiner was fired from Pittsburgh City Paper for his unethical practices.  Bands still bond with me over their “Manny Story” and they didn’t get paid. tl;dr: Manny Theiner abuses his position at Pittsburgh’s City Paper. He will screw over your band. Manny Theiner is a contributing writer for […]

Open Letter to Skatopia Fans

I have received a number of phone calls over the last few days in reference to Skatopia. While I would love to answer all the questions presented, I’ll provide the common answers needed. I and my brand are no longer associated with Skatopia; Furthermore, bands booked for Bowl Bash XV by “Foo” have been misinformed. […]

Channel Three Returns to Pittsburgh

Channel Three, from Southern California, makes their glorious return to the Iron City 27 years after their 1983 tour. The last time they were here, they played the Electric Banana and received the complimentary gun pulled on them. This show will also help us press up the next Iron City Punk album. Channel Three […]

Wifebeater, Pittsburgh’s Soul Harvesters

Wifebeater is a band without regrets. The Outlaw Trio wanders the known world looking for scraps of mercenary work to pay for their instrument’s upkeep. Weathered wanted posters serve more as a warning than apprehension request. Either way, housewives whisper tales of the modern day sirens luring kids into the wilderness of imagination. Louisiana natives […]

The Last Hope’s Manifesto Advocates Class War

There was a day not long ago, the heavens stood still. The clouds shook with thunder and shattered into fragments. Through the Soul Forge’s flame, a figure of perfection streaked down unto the world leaving an amber sky. Legend has it, a punk angel received her wings on that day. As I wandered aimlessly, going […]

Bomb the Music Industry Back in Pittsburgh

Max up at 222 Ormsby are doing a special one-off show with Bomb the Music Industry, fresh back from the Gainsville Festival. Playoff Beard, a local favorite, will be there as well as Fezz-Wig. I’ll be hanging around to help dismantle to music industry. Bomb The Music Industry! – “Wednesday Night Drinkball” from Bryan Schlam […]