If you’re reading this, you were sent this link because you’re interested in using some photography, audio, or video of mine. Cool. By default all of my content is licensed as: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0. This means if you’re in a non-profit, art gallery, blogger, etc. Feel free to use them. If this is of a […]

Copenhagen 15 Summit Twitter Wordmap

December 2009 brought the Copenhagen 15 Summit and protesters trying to incite real change. Meanwhile, Iran took to the streets which meant certain death for a few, but the opportunity for the next generation to be scientists, thinkers, and teachers. Greece was in riots over their severe governmental distrust. The Gaza Strip also saw another […]

Death Threats Over a Tweet

Before Netroots Nation ’09, I always considered myself apolitical. I had relentlessly avoided the two-party system and the politics that accompanied it.  Even during the G20 Conference, I objectively tweeted and posted photography. Music is my primary function as an activist. G20 was a celebration of Independent Media. My flickr account exploded with traffic and […]

vBulletin Holds Consumers’ Puppy Hostage

Update 16:08 Oct 30: vBulletin becomes a Case Study of What Not to Do on eConsultancy, MyBB was added to the Article. Update 12:06, Oct 30: Some people are trying to sell off their licenses, some forums are holding donation drives, Kryptonian forums went to Invision Board, Casual Discourse says “Screw it.“, and I’m being […]

G20 Summit Twitter Wordmap

Dear G20, The world is in financial trouble. Everyone agrees you should meet and we hope for the best out of this and the other conferences. Protesters shouldn’t discourage you, they are the disenfranchised of your recent failures. Consider them the muse of real policy change. In the realm of myth, you are the Tower […]

Mixed Messages on Flickr

I was browsing flickr today feeling rebellous. The graffiti tag search is useless. Whether street art, urban art, it seems everyone loves Banksy. Yes, he’s good. Real good. He makes up most of flickr’s graffiti photos pages deep. This shouldn’t be. Please. Stop loving Banksy. Blek le Rat Blek le Rat is a Frenchmen in […]