So… About the Trouble at Thrival Music Festival

Tl;dr: Thrival Music Festival is not my problem. Please stop calling. It brings me no joy hearing the problems with a Pittsburgh music Festival are public. This week I’ve received calls from agencies, promoters, etc. about the trouble with Thrival Music and Innovation Festival. Naturally, with any turmoil there is confusion. Let’s clarify. Thrival is […]


If you’re reading this, you were sent this link because you’re interested in using some photography, audio, or video of mine. Cool. By default all of my content is licensed as: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0. This means if you’re in a non-profit, art gallery, blogger, etc. Feel free to use them. If this is of a […]

Manny Theiner Will Screw Your Band Over

I wrote this article years ago. Manny Theiner was fired from Pittsburgh City Paper for his unethical practices.  Bands still bond with me over their “Manny Story” and they didn’t get paid. tl;dr: Manny Theiner abuses his position at Pittsburgh’s City Paper. He will screw over your band. Manny Theiner is a contributing writer for […]

Roboto Board Hate Machine Award

While I was out getting shit done, it seems I received the Roboto Boards highest award of Hate Machine. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the awards ceremony, but consider this post my acceptance speech so we can all move on. Oh, Roboto, from you I expected MOAR. Let me start off by dispelling some […]

How to Invite ALL Facebook Friends to a Fan Page or Event

You’re on Facebook, check. You have friends, check. And now you want them all to know the cool thing you’re doing. Facebook doesn’t allow you to “select all” friends when sending an invite, but there are some creative ways around it to select them all with ease. Javascript Selection: 1. Go to your Fan Page, […]

Open Letter to Skatopia Fans

I have received a number of phone calls over the last few days in reference to Skatopia. While I would love to answer all the questions presented, I’ll provide the common answers needed. I and my brand are no longer associated with Skatopia; Furthermore, bands booked for Bowl Bash XV by “Foo” have been misinformed. […]

Channel Three Returns to Pittsburgh

Channel Three, from Southern California, makes their glorious return to the Iron City 27 years after their 1983 tour. The last time they were here, they played the Electric Banana and received the complimentary gun pulled on them. This show will also help us press up the next Iron City Punk album. Channel Three […]

How to Disable Faces in Aperture

So, Apple Aperture 3.0 is ridden with bugs. One of the most annoying ones is that it becomes stuck processing… when Faces are in the queue. Even 32-bit mode won’t save you until you process the non-faces items first. So, you’ll need to disable faces for the time being. How to disable Aperture Faces: Go […]

Aperture 3 in 32-bit Mode

I’ve lost several days to Aperture 3. In short, Apple should have done better. The Flickr export is sending photos at 1/2 resolution, Faces causes Aperture to hang or simply makes Aperture get stuck Processing… After some trial and error, this is what worked for me. How to run Aperture 3 in 32-bit mode: In […]