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This Globo-Corporate Marketing Valentines Day, I’m single and escape the clutches of greeting cards. Instead, I decided to post some personalized DM’s I send new followers on Twitter. Letting them know, someone in the twitterverse doesn’t Auto-DM. You Valentines Day gift is the title tag on each user link.

Cool Twitter Messages

@briyanni You’re background is one of thunderous tones. It says: I’m not a man with scurvy.

@shellyroche When do you think you’ll become a professional cartwheeler?

@HowardBienstock I really like the fact you put ROI in front of everything. That rocks. To me, it means you don’t throw money into the wind.

@sascha_p Thanks for the mutual follow. With our powers combined, we might be able to take on the universe.

@shoestringing OMG! Free shoe strings!

@AlexShelton Thanks for the follow. Judging by your followers your videos and guides don’t suck! Cheers.

@SharnAtlanta Thanks for the follow. Glad to see you have a kindle. The same kindle I was going to order, but never did. At least it has a good home now.

@BillCrosby Thank you for the follow, I’ll be sure to reciprocate on the other networks as well. It’s cool you setup your subdomains like that.
Note: he setup [socialnetwork] as redirects to his profiles on Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

@the_gman You really should update your theme… 2006? C’mon. Take SEO seriously.

@pghfilmmakers Welcome to twitter. It’s a revolution or something like that.

@futureguru100 How can you still afford a car after spending all that money on a talking website. A prince you must be!

@kevinpurfield Thanks for the follow. I am crying… not from the follow. I forgot to wash my hands after dealing with peppers. Try not to do the same.

@ScottBlogs Thanks for the follow. Giraffe, International Space Station, and Lewis Caroll. Keep being random!

@Mosley Thanks for sharing your love of bacon with the world. If only there were more saints like you.

Bonus: @CoryOBrien @iwasaround I use my SSN as my Twitter password just in case. That’s safe, right? 😉

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