Mixed Messages on Flickr

Graffiti Stencil with Mixed MessageI was browsing flickr today feeling rebellous.

The graffiti tag search is useless. Whether street art, urban art, it seems everyone loves Banksy. Yes, he’s good. Real good. He makes up most of flickr’s graffiti photos pages deep. This shouldn’t be.

Please. Stop loving Banksy.

Blek le Rat
Blek le Rat is a Frenchmen in his 50’s that stenciling and producing political art for over 30 years. His style is sharp as a writer’s wit. It was Banksy who looked to him for inspiration while he was playing with crayons. Blek le Rat stated his opinions loudly with art. Look for him instead.

Now for the point of the image: Why would you copyright graffiti on flickr?
Talk about a Mixed Messaged. It’s in a public space. Treat it, use it, with respect. Talk about it, transfer the ideas, breathe in culture, exhale thought. Don’t constrict.

Oh yeah, and I blogged about it without prior premission.

Cool Twitter Messages

I Was Around Twitter
Shameless Self-Promotion

This Globo-Corporate Marketing Valentines Day, I’m single and escape the clutches of greeting cards. Instead, I decided to post some personalized DM’s I send new followers on Twitter. Letting them know, someone in the twitterverse doesn’t Auto-DM. You Valentines Day gift is the title tag on each user link.

Cool Twitter Messages

@briyanni You’re background is one of thunderous tones. It says: I’m not a man with scurvy.

@shellyroche When do you think you’ll become a professional cartwheeler?

@HowardBienstock I really like the fact you put ROI in front of everything. That rocks. To me, it means you don’t throw money into the wind.

@sascha_p Thanks for the mutual follow. With our powers combined, we might be able to take on the universe.

@shoestringing OMG! Free shoe strings!

@AlexShelton Thanks for the follow. Judging by your followers your videos and guides don’t suck! Cheers.

@SharnAtlanta Thanks for the follow. Glad to see you have a kindle. The same kindle I was going to order, but never did. At least it has a good home now.

@BillCrosby Thank you for the follow, I’ll be sure to reciprocate on the other networks as well. It’s cool you setup your subdomains like that.
Note: he setup [socialnetwork].BillCrosby.com as redirects to his profiles on Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

@the_gman You really should update your theme… 2006? C’mon. Take SEO seriously.

@pghfilmmakers Welcome to twitter. It’s a revolution or something like that.

@futureguru100 How can you still afford a car after spending all that money on a talking website. A prince you must be!

@kevinpurfield Thanks for the follow. I am crying… not from the follow. I forgot to wash my hands after dealing with peppers. Try not to do the same.

@ScottBlogs Thanks for the follow. Giraffe, International Space Station, and Lewis Caroll. Keep being random!

@Mosley Thanks for sharing your love of bacon with the world. If only there were more saints like you.

Bonus: @CoryOBrien @iwasaround I use my SSN as my Twitter password just in case. That’s safe, right? 😉

Holly Maust on B94 about Twestival

PGH Twitter Queen
Pittsburgh Twitter Queen

With the up coming Twestival tonight, someone broke the rules of Fight Club and told old media. Thus @hmaust was kidnapped and taken to a radio station where she waited 30 minutes for her interview.  I was able to record the radio show in case you want to hear.

Follow her on twitter: twitter.com/hmaust

Listen to the Recording of @hmaust on B94

How Cool is That? Josh Woodward on Last.fm

Josh Woodward Musician of Tomorrow
Josh Woodward Musician of Tomorrow

Recently I deleted about 95% of my music collection. I decided to go to a Creative Commons collection thanks to Jamendo. After confusing last.fm about my music taste, something happened. I got a friend request. Alright, those happen. Wait! It was Josh Woodward, who saw I was listening to his songs and requested me.

How cool is that? Really? An artist who releases his album under Creative Commons, but then goes out of his way to connect with his fans on Social Media.

He’s helping pioneer new media, and provides his music for free. If you’re into mellow indie-rock and acoustic sets, please give this fantastic artist a try. Also add him to your social networks if you enjoy his music.

A Quick Guide to Josh:
Youtube VideoJamendoLast.fmWebsite