Foursquare Badge List

Complete and updated on: 2/14/10

If you’re like me and love collecting achievements, then foursquare will be no exception. You will not be able to collect them all as many of the badges are geo-specific and event oriented. However, most of the Active Badges can be achieved in a short amount of time.

As with any social media experiment, earn awards often and early!

Please take a moment to add me on foursquare.

Active Foursquare Badges

NOTE: The default text is replaced with the requirements when they are found.


Awarded for your first check in.


Check in to 10 different venues.


Check in to 25 different venues.


Check in to 50 different venues.


Check in 4 nights in a row.


Check in 4 times in a night.


Check in at the same place 3x in a week.


Check in 30 times in a month.


Check in with 3 members of the opposite sex.


Check in after 3am on a school night.


(Geo-Dependant) Checking in outside the city “boundaries”.


Check in 25+ times in Brooklyn, NY.


Check in 3 times with a venue having a photobooth.


“Keep this up and you’re going to end up on Valleywag with Julia Allison”


“Spotted: A true foursquare socialite. Chuck Bass would be impressed. xoxo”


Achievement for checking into places tagged “douchebag”.


“Off the wagon appreciates your business. COLLEGE!”


Check in with 3 food wagons.


Check in to 3 venues tagged “karaoke” in a month.


Check in to a gym 10 times in 30 days.


Check in 10 times in 12 hours.


Check in with the SF BART 10 times.


Check in to 5 airports.


Send 5 birthday shout outs.


Have 10 movie theater check ins .


Check in to 20 different pizza places.


Check in to 3 Apple Stores.


Check in to 10 different venues tagged “gallery”


Check in to 10 playgrounds.


Check in a spot with 50+ people.


Be the Mayor of 10 venues at once.


Check in to a venue tagged ‘boat’

Corporate Foursquare Badges


Congrats on mastering Harvard Yard on Foursquare! You’re looking (and acting) smarter all the time.


Thanks for Waking up with the Metro! You’ve checked in near Metro pickup locations on 3 different mornings!


Merci d’être matinal avec Métro! Félicitations! Vous avez déverrouillé le badge Métro.


Awarded for checking in to the Thriving Ivory Fillmore Show. (San Francisco)


Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step into the BRAVO world. (It’s not as scary as it sounds!)


Way to drink, eat, shop, and spa like a Real Housewife!


You eat the best from hot dogs to haute cuisine. That’s 5 checkins at Zagat Rated spots!


You’ve found the key to BRAVO’s Launch My Line insignia. Now, go find us some sales!


You eat the best from hot dogs to haute cuisine. That’s 5 checkins at Zagat Rated spots!


Holy moly transit champ, You sure know how to get around Metro Vancouver! Thanks for going green and riding with TransLink!


Ooh la la! This is your 2nd checkin at a great date spot for Valentine’s Day.


You’ve just checked into a venue recommended by The New York Times during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Go for the gold!


You took the L train to Brooklyn to attend a software party! Pretty hardcore.

SxSW 2009 Badges


Awarded for checking in outside of down town Austin.


Awarded for checking in 3 days in a row before noon.


Awarded for checking in to 3 different hotels.


Nice job sneaking off to see some films (one of the best parts of SXSWi). Gold Badges unite!


Awarded for checking into a BBQ restaurant.


Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 6: Frog / Digg / Facebook / Goog / 32-Bit / The Decider


Awarded when 10 friends checked in after you.


Check in 3 nights at the PV House.


Check into the SxSW 2009 at some point.


Awarded for checking into the DIGG Party.


Awarded for checking into the Karaoke RV.


Awarded for checking into the BrightKite/Dandy ID Party. SPIES!

CES 2010 Badges


Intel would like to welcome you to CES! Remember, what happens in Vegas ends up on Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Drinks on us!


Shhhhhhhhh! Otellini speaks! Intel + CES 2010 FTW!


Thanks for joining Intel at CES! Exercise that Core!

CES 2010

Awarded for checking in at CES 2010

Internet Week Badges


Awarded for checking in during Internet Week.


“Look at you in your fancy suit up on that fancy roof! You’re the Young Jeezy of the NY Tech scene!”


Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 5: Ignite / Yelp / Digg/ Thrillist / College Humor / Webutante Ball!


Check in to a party at The Hotel on Rivington.


Awarded for checking in at the Webby Awards.

Wifebeater, Pittsburgh’s Soul Harvesters

Wifebeater is a band without regrets. The Outlaw Trio wanders the known world looking for scraps of mercenary work to pay for their instrument’s upkeep. Weathered wanted posters serve more as a warning than apprehension request. Either way, housewives whisper tales of the modern day sirens luring kids into the wilderness of imagination.

Lock Up Your Kids

Louisiana natives tell tales of days lost in the bayou. Each story follows a similar pattern of events. While trudging through the murky waters, an upright bass captures the heartbeat. Two female voices entangle leafs with an eerie radiance. Eventually they would enter an enchanted campsite of lost boys and crust punks. The victims would awaken with the fire’s last ember. The only thing left were the songs etched onto their souls.

Locals call it, The Endless Night.

Kimi, Joe, and Reba, were once like you and me. One faithful day, they became love struck mid-performance, driven mad by a straightedge muse. Immediately after that performance, they vanished into the boxcars of a local train yard. Their names and instruments were all they retained.

Mad with music, Wifebeater rejects society. Legislators see them as a scourge on the rolling plains of existence – kids living beyond the law of civilized man. As they traveled the United States their legend grew. Women started throwing bread at passing boxcars as tribute for vagabond deities.

The Icy Hell Hounds of Keelut

While adventuring in the Great White North, Wifebeater was cornered in an icy cave by the famed Inuit Bounty Hunter, Keelut. He commanded hellish chimeras, polar bears crossed with huskies. Permanently snow blind, he used his heightened sense of hearing to locating the three rouge musicians.

The fight was as bitter as the cold that surrounding them. Joe wrestled half the unholy chimeras through sheer force of will. Kimi morphed into her animal spirit and accepted the challenge with a boisterous roar. Reba dauntlessly faced Keelut’s onslaught. Even Reba’s blessed guitar of relentless fury could not overcome Keelut’s poisoned soul.

Close to death, Wifebeater sang out to collapse the icy tomb. The crystalline roof crumbled and the floor gave into the breathless waters below. What happened after that moment is unclear. Three weeks later, polar bear like creatures were spotted on glaciers in the Hudson Bay and Wifebeater appeared in Pittsburgh.

I met Wifebeater in the cellar of an ancient church. The Code Orange Kids were playing, and The Edukators were negotiating the surrender of Comrade  Kangaroo. There is little documentation of that night, but I assure you of the following:

A death glare from Wifebeater can kill three flies, two birds, and a 1986 Ford Taurus. I survived, but a parked Nissan Sentra had gone to a better place. The car was promptly replaced with a bicycle, and nothing of value was lost.

The local shows after that blurred together. Wifebeater became local heroes with their soy-based leather tannery. Additionally, they unionized the bees to produce vegan friendly honey. Our paths often cross, for adventure’s muse never sleeps.

Wifebeater reminds us:
We are all vagabonds aimless and free.

Copenhagen 15 Summit Twitter Wordmap

Wordmap of @iwasaround on Twitter during the Copenhagen 15 Summit

December 2009 brought the Copenhagen 15 Summit and protesters trying to incite real change. Meanwhile, Iran took to the streets which meant certain death for a few, but the opportunity for the next generation to be scientists, thinkers, and teachers. Greece was in riots over their severe governmental distrust. The Gaza Strip also saw another round of violence. Locally, Pittsburgh City Paper held their awards ceremony and WYEP had a Holiday Hootenanny.

Cop15, I Was Around.


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Demonoid Invitation Codes

Are you the Gatekeeper? I am The Keymaster.

Demonoid is a private BitTorrent tracker that only accepts new members referred by a Demonoid Invitation Code. Unlike The Pirate Bay, private trackers often require a minimum Upload:Download ratio making sure you’re a productive member of their community. The hope is this will result in higher quality material and file sharing.

Haven’t gotten into Demonoid yet? No problem. I’ll generate codes and send them out when I can.

Registration URL:

Please comment with a valid email, I can send the invitation code to.

Total Invitations Sent to Date: 240+

I’m looking for a What.CD invite if you’re looking to trade.

Happy sharing.

The Last Hope’s Manifesto Advocates Class War

Holy Hand Grenade of Punk
Crafted by the Heavens, Gifted to Man

There was a day not long ago, the heavens stood still. The clouds shook with thunder and shattered into fragments. Through the Soul Forge’s flame, a figure of perfection streaked down unto the world leaving an amber sky. Legend has it, a punk angel received her wings on that day.

As I wandered aimlessly, going on such adventures required of a punk prophet, I was visited by Mercury, messenger of the gods. He was in one of his many forms, a bicycle punk. His messenger bag was filled with heavenly items: PBR, Show Flyers, etc. From his bag he delivered one particular item, The Last Hope Manifesto CD.

The Last Hope’s CD Release Show was over a week away. If it had been delivered by anyone else, I would have simply concluded it was the work of the devil and burned it. The mere fact that Manifesto had come to me before it’s release could only have meant two things. This is destiny, or it was from the future.

Receiving a CD before it’s released is a tricky situation. If you tell the band about it, their creativity process could be impacted thus resulting in a different cd, time paradox, or parallel universe. Erroring on the side of caution, I decided to wait until the CD Release party before ever listening to The Last Hope. Time Paradox resolved.

Photos of The Last Hope CD Release Show

TheSixtyOne, Demonoid, and bands sending me mp3’s is where I get my music. (Ask me for Demonoid invites here.) Originally, I wasn’t sure what a CD would do. Googling it revealed that in the before times, CD’s were used much like the Edison Phonograph Cylinder to store music. Digging further, I found Apple hid a CD/DVD reader in my iMac.


I was surprised to find out that The Last Hope’s Manifesto was non-organic and non-edible. We can finally put the myth to rest that Manifesto is made of candy. The drool proved the CD to be surprisingly water resistant. Field tests show that rubbing The Last Hope’s Manifesto on SUV’s won’t immediately set them ablaze as one would hope.

Contrary to popular belief The Last Hope doesn’t prevent winter. I left Manifesto in my garden over night to see what effects it would have. My parsley and cilantro did not become ‘herbs on steroids’. Most everything was still killed by the frost. Manifesto survived the winter night’s frost to look pretty bad ass.

Contrary to Popular Belief the Last Hope Doesn't Prevent Winter
Shameless Self Promotion: Buy it at Active Left

The Last Hope’s Manifesto is a refreshing roundhouse kick of ember punk. A panda might be able to eat more bambo, but this album delivers a consistent row of chaos spikes.

Their lyrics are emotionally revealing, highlighting the spiritual struggle and symbolizing the evolution of world mythology beyond the sword birthing into new social theories on autonomism in a post colonial world; Indeed, Manifesto impeccably meshes Emma Goldman’s anarchist romanticism with Noam Chomsky’s polished rhetoric exemplifying DIY Culture and reminding each of us in our hearts:

There’s no war, but the Class War.

The Failed Artist (Hipster Edition)

This post starts out in a convenience store where it faithfully ends.

Oh No He Di'int!

Surrounded by expired snack cakes, she belches the typical clerk’s complaints: “Not suppose to be here”, “Better than these people”, and her primary sin “When my art career picks up” Little does she realize that ringing hipsters up for American Spirits does not count as contributing to counter-culture. The closest she has come to art is her attempt of collecting artists in the bedroom.

One day, a journalist made the tragic mistake of publishing her critique in a weekly periodical. The Beehive Coffeehouse has yet to recover. She started proclaiming her criticism on every speck of design that passes through. Never mind offering a divergent point of view because “You don’t understand.”

Even I was interrupted by her faux criticism when she said, “Why do you have a camera? You don’t do art.”

Bewildered and fatigued by stupidity, I left.

Living Life According to Fantasy…

Instead of art school where the tuition checks pay for encouragement, her friends have done her a disservice in encouraging her to persue talents she naturally lacks.  If only the honesty of the situation would shine, “Unfortunately, the requirement for being a great artist is an ability [you] just don’t have.“.

@JonKranz came to that realization. He had spent years in art school and subsequent horrible jobs before discovering his art career was another rebranding of the Emperor’s New Clothes. His real talent was in marketing, copywriting, and archeology. He’s now documenting a mysterious civilization that limits itself to 140 characters.

You should listen to his NPR Commentary about fantasy selves:


Killing the Hipster Dream

In the same coffee shop, I came across the enhanced edition of the CP Holiday Guide. By enhanced I mean an anonymous punk offering social commentary through picturesque alteration. So effective was the message, that I instantly took it home to create a hero’s homage.

The secret behind hipsters, is they are great consumers at heart. Rather than attempting to actualize their dreams,  the paint brush and skateboard become conversational props of prefabricated lifestyles.

This girl, bought into the art rhetoric. Her plans of opening up a coffee shop, art gallery, or professionally modeling is her attempt of imitating a life less ordinary. The lie of solidified acrylic tubes beside an empty canvas hinders her from opening the world with her own fruitful career.

I Didn’t Pull the Trigger: I Designed the Gun

Wife Beater, an magnificent band, needed a poster. Hipsters needed told.

EKG Flatline
Hiptser Productivity EKG - Proving Hipsters Have No Souls.

In producing art, you’ve already crushed the hipster productivity curve. Patches, cardboard cities, digital imagery, and writing are usually beyond the philosophical calling of the typical hipster. In this case, a photoshop tutorial and three hours of work can accomplish amazing result.

Best Place to Pick Up Hipsters: Andy Warhol Museum

As Gandolf forgot about the Giant Eagles in the plan to get The Ring to Fire of Mordor, I had completely forgotten about the poster once finished. A month passed before The City Paper Best of 2009 Awards revived it.

The poster took on a second life. A secret task force sprung into action. The laser printers spun, sleeper agents were activated, and on Carson Street copies were distributed despite the rain. The street was the canvas for the message. Whatever that was.

Oddly enough, I was inside at the event. My friends had congregated to receive their accolades and I was photographing their prize moment. The night went smoothly except for a few whispers about the graffiti outside.

Nothing of Value was Lost

Behind a counter of an unmarked convenience store, another pack of cigarettes join the countless cartons that have come before it. The spread sheet of stale snack cakes are a long call from the accounting books of the independent bookstore dreams. A customer with white headphones asks her, “Isn’t that flyer outside awful?”

Unaware of the poster’s origin, she answers, “It’s no Warhol.”

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November ’09 Punk Shows in Pittsburgh

November 11thChin up, Meriwhether!, Edhochuli, Not my Dog, Happy As Fuck @ Mousetrap

November 13thTwo Hand Fools, Run, Forever, The Homeless Gospel Choir, The Otis Wolves @ 222 Ormsby

November 14thMostly Fish, The Otis Wolves, Shady Ave, & Funny Like a Funeral @ The RockRoom

November 14thThe Code Orange Kids, YAP w/ The Edukators, Wife Beater, Hollow Vent, and More @ Church of the Redeemer

November 17thBomb the Music Industry, Playoff Beard, Fezz-Wig @ 222 Ormsby

November 18thJames Black, Boogdish, Laika the Astro-Hound, Skinless Bone @ The Discovery Zone

November 19thCD RELEASE: Homeless Gospel Choir, Matt Miller, & Friends @ The Discovery Zone

November 20thLoafass, Alcoholocaust, and Rustbelt Homewreckers @ Belvederes

November 21thCD RELEASE: The Last Hope, Endless Mike is the Beagle Club, Girl Fight, In the Wake of Giants & Code Orange Kids @ Hot Metal

November 24thThe Edukators, Rustbelt Homewreckers,

November 29thINNERDS, Ordinary Men and Women, +1 TBA

Bomb the Music Industry Back in Pittsburgh

Max up at 222 Ormsby are doing a special one-off show with Bomb the Music Industry, fresh back from the Gainsville Festival. Playoff Beard, a local favorite, will be there as well as Fezz-Wig. I’ll be hanging around to help dismantle to music industry.

Bomb The Music Industry! – “Wednesday Night Drinkball” from Bryan Schlam on Vimeo.

This is happening November 17th, 7pm – $5 but no one turned away.


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Death Threats Over a Tweet

Daily_Kos_logoBefore Netroots Nation ’09, I always considered myself apolitical. I had relentlessly avoided the two-party system and the politics that accompanied it.  Even during the G20 Conference, I objectively tweeted and posted photography. Music is my primary function as an activist.

G20 was a celebration of Independent Media. My flickr account exploded with traffic and my twitter account was widely retweeted and critically praised. NPR, YES Magazine, and others picked up on my work. Yet, on the heels of the celebration came the unexpected.

After a night of hanging out with friends, I received a phone call at 2am.

“We know where you live boy.”
“Fuck you, you liberal scum.”

The conversation happened briefly. I spoke firmly that I never claimed to be an anarchist nor liberal. Then, I started to ask them questions between their cursing. The best I got was they were Alabama conservatives.

Later, I had found out it was because of this tweet:

Stability is a pleasure for the conservatives.

I had meant to say “Conservative” not “Conservatives” trying to suggest people should try new things outside of their routine. A simple mistake had put me in the firing line of a long-standing battle.

Another threat came in over a different matter:

You have 24 hours to take it offline or we’ll fuck you up.

During Netroots Nation, I vividly recall a conversation about hate mail at the DailyKOS booth. Apparently, they receive such an unreasonable amount of hate mail. So much so, they parodied it at their DailyKOS after party. DailyKOS staff read hate mail into webcams as if they were the source of the emails.

What I take out of these experiences:

People are attentive. No matter the message or response, there are readers on both sides.

There is importance in the message. Enough so there are those who will resort to threats physical violence silence speech.

Role models are crafted out of courage. Freedom of speech is an easy forfeit for perceived safety. Silence should never follow intimidation.

And it continues to this day. Most of them are passive-aggressive social networking messages. Some appear as comments to my blog; some appear as insidious Myspace messages. I can’t help but think, it is a sign of doing something right.

vBulletin Holds Consumers’ Puppy Hostage

Update 16:08 Oct 30: vBulletin becomes a Case Study of What Not to Do on eConsultancy, MyBB was added to the Article.

Update 12:06, Oct 30: Some people are trying to sell off their licenses, some forums are holding donation drives, Kryptonian forums went to Invision Board, Casual Discourse says “Screw it.“, and I’m being annoying about it on Twitter.

Update: The Register has picked up on this, Dan Cryer also did a Good Article.

On October 13th, 2009 Jelsoft, now owned by Internet Brands, sent out an email to all vBulletin customers announcing vBulletin 4.0:

Dear [Foo],

[…]Over the last 12 months, we have been building vBulletin 4.0 to be the most powerful forum and social publishing software.  Today, we are proud to introduce the new vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite product that includes the power of the vBulletin 4.0 Forums with a seamlessly integrated content management system (CMS) and blogging platform.

As a preferred customer with an active license, we are excited to offer the vBulletin Publishing Suite at a pre-sale discount price of only $130 (over 50% off regular price).  This is a truly limited one-time special offer giving

you $120 off the upgrade price but will expire on Friday October 30, 2009. […]

Beginning today, we are introducing new a license structure. vBulletin is changing to a one-time owned license fee for each major point release. That means no more annual renewal fees. Once you purchase a major point version, you’ll receive maintenance, security and minor point releases for the life of 4.x.

You have the option to keep your current active license until it expires (according to the 12 month term and conditions). For the remainder of your active license, you will continue to receive support and have access to forum software updates, including vBulletin 4.0 Forums.  Once your license expires you will only be able to access the 4 Series software updates by switching to the new one-time owned license.  […]

The vBulletin Team


Essentially customers had about two weeks to purchase an upgrade to their license at a discounted price or practically pay for a new one. Their email even suggests I have an active license, when all three of mine are inactive but owned. vBulletin has confused a lot of customers with the new prices. A majority of threads on their Pre-Sale forum express confusion. Here is a chart that tries to simplify it.



vBulletin 3.x (old)



vBulletin 3.x (March 2008)


$40/yr if active
$60/yr if expired

vBulletin 3.x (New Structure)

Not Sold


vBulletin Blog (Add-on)


Included in vBulletin License

vBulletin Project Tools


Included in vBulletin License

vBulletin Forum 4.x (Pre-Sale)


But not really.

vBulletin Suite 4.x (Pre-Sale)


*With Active License

vBulletin Suite 4.x
(Pre-Sale Expired License within 12 month)



vBulletin Suite 4.x
(Pre-sale Expired License over 12 months)



vBulletin Suite 4.x



Let’s make another chart, shall we.




vBulletin Forum 4.x




vBulletin Suite 4.x (Pre-Sale)




vBulletin Suite 4.x




Origial Cost of vBulletin $180 + $60 (Optional, Blog) + 30/year (assuming 2) = $240 – $360

What Jelsoft has just told users is their $240-360 investment in software is now worth a $20 discount, $35 if they decide to go with the vBulletin Suite, and maybe $105 if the stars align.

They’re ignoring new users who purchased vBulletin in the last 30 days asking them to pay the upgrade. And have completely disregarded anyone who purchased the Blog or Project Tools. vBulletin would also like you to forget that your yearly fee went into the development of vBulletin 4.x. This equates to nothing more than a price scheme forcing users basically buy new licenses.

Free means $175 in Jelsoft's world.

Free*, But not Really

On their homepage, vBulletin says that vBulletin 4.x is a free upgrade to existing customers. They then changed the second page to say it was free only until your license expired. If the license expires in April, you’ll be able to download the current revision until then. Another thread said “owned” licenses would be able to upgrade until 4.2. There is confusion over everything except the fact it isn’t free.


“So, what? I’ll just stick with vBulletin 3.8.x!”

Not according to vBulletin. There is no option for the classic security update subscription. Meaning unless you spend $175 for the vBulletin 4.x upgrade, you no longer have access to those necessary updates. This leaves your vBulletin site vulnerable to a number of attacks known and undiscovered.

Let’s not forget the communities are involved.

Each license of vBulletin is tied to people beyond the owner. There are millions of users behind those licenses. One only has to look at Big Boards to see how many people and posts are affect by vBulletin’s new decisions. We care about our users and especially their experience.

My father and I went on a trip around the East Coast last year. We met many of our forum users. One of them had lost his foot and the ability to work. He found release in being able to instruct others on our forum. Day in and day out, he spoke with people across our forums. We met him in person, and it was instantly emotional. That’s when I realized, our site, our forum… mattered.

Why the title of the Article?

In essence, Jelsoft/Internet Brands has taken our favorite puppy hostage. The ransom is virtually the price of a new puppy. Yet, they’ll cut you a deal and upgrade to the puppy suite and include a red collar. That red collar is vBulletin’s new Content Management System (CMS). This would be a great thing if it weren’t for two things:

  1. vBulletin users who needed a CMS already have one. (vBAdvanced, Joomla & jFusion, etc) If they were to switch, it would be a huge and manual migration process.
  2. vBulletin’s CMS is untested, unproven, and strictly unreliable.

The upgrade to vBulletin 4 was rushed, and a disaster. I was one of the first ones on the board and it took over 5 minutes for pages to load and almost 12 minutes to navigate and post a thread.

David McHenry

This leads to the next point: vBulletin is preying on their consumer’s trust.

When the email went out on the 13th, there were no screenshots or demo online. They posted some screenshots a few days later. I at least trust vBulletin enough to claim it wasn’t photoshopped.

As many skeptics pointed out, it looks eerily like Joomla 1.5.

joomla-administratorvBulletin 4.x CMS

vBulletin didn’t even upgrade their own forum until October 23nd leaving consumers 8 days to make their decision. There is still no vBulletin Suite demo out in the wild, two days before the pre-sale ends. “THE END IS NIGH!” Jelsoft/Internet Brands has preached. “Trust us. Buy now, before it’s too late.”

The vBulletin Disaster and Controversy:

Sing out, be banned. Sing Loud, license revocation.

In essence, they banned me because I said I was not going to be spending any more money on their software. They also banned me from which effectively ends my license…

Consumers quickly noticed threads being “closed” and more often than not, “deleted”. Among the Chosen, several were banned and some even had their license status revoked on – their community site for plug-ins and modifications. There has been an exodus to third-party forums:

Admin Addict Threads:

Invision Board Refugees Threads:

There are more…

I was being silent until I did more research – deciding if was worth loosing my licenses. I read each tale of woe from anonymous users who felt if they spoke out, they’d loose all their investment in vBulletin too. The question is now, where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? Jump Ship.

Search Trend Comparison of the Popular Forums
When looking at the traffic, a more complete story appears.

In my eyes there are two choices. Three if you like going rogue.
You can find a detailed comparison of Internet Forum Software here.

phpbb-logo-dark Oh, phpBB. I forgive you for Gaia Online. Things were great back in the day. Then you let yourself go and let Invision and vBulletin sweep the market with nifty features. I left you. It was me, not you. I swear.Will you forgive me?

PhpBB 3.0 reclaimed some of the market when it actually added features. The 3.0.6 release is adding features instead of general bug fixes. One can only hope the developers keep that pace this time. Otherwise, PhpBB is a solid package. It’s free and open source. The community is great. It’s beyond reliable. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.


Hi there. How are you? Wait… What’s that? You like communities and music too? I love communities and music. You heard I lost my girlfriend? It’s very sad.  You broke into my house to “get to know me better”? But you flood me with compliments… Thanks. I don’t know where you came from. It’s kinda creepy. I guess we could give it a go.

Many administrators on Twitter and in the comments have referenced MyBB. Oddly, I haven’t had any experience with it. It says it will do everything I need. It looks refined. Most importantly, it has the GPLv3 License. According to the Wikipedia article, MyBB replaced DevBB which was forked from XMB. Woah. They’re also looking at version 1.5 coming up. It may be worth the try.


You had once been so giving. I remember when I could hardly take a drive on the super highway without seeing your mark everywhere. No one blames you for InvisionFree, but we did miss you when you started charging and doing those Vegas shows.

Invision Board swept the Internet when 1.x was free. I switched from PhpBB to it. Then they started charging, and that’s where my relationship with vBulletin started. Both were virtually the same. With version 3.0 Invision Board has pulled ahead, say my administrative friends. They’re diligent too. They’ve been watching this entire thing play out and offered their community suite at a discounted price of $250. (Gallery, Blogs, Forum). Even if I just want the forum, it’s only $150 $125 until November 2nd. They also have been a pretty consistent company.

Yum. SEO, Reliability, and probably the best vBulletin transition out there.

I would instantly convert my main license to Invision Board if I didn’t need a Nikon SB-800. Maybe next month.


Content Management System

Joomla may not be perfect, Drupal may be on its heels, but with jFusion, it’s an amazing CMS that hooks seamlessly into vBulletin, PhpBB, or Invision Board. It’s flexible, solid, and the core developers are passionate. For God loved us so much he gave his only son… For they loved it so much they forked from the Mambo project it became a commercial mess.

This is a community I like to be in. They care. They listen. Any complaints I had were addressed in Joomla 1.6. They know Open Source Matters. Software, like culture, has a ripple effect. What we create with it spreads like wildfire. Give it a try. Also remember to grab JFusion.

Flags of Our Nations

vBulletin has claimed, “An overwhelming response” to the pre-sale. Many users mention, “Like we had a choice.”

Another great comment from Dan Cryer’s article:

The upgrade to vBulletin 4 was rushed, and a disaster. I was one of the first ones on the board and it took over 5 minutes for pages to load and almost 12 minutes to navigate and post a thread.

David McHenry

Invision Board has also claimed, “An overwhelming response” for the sale they launched for ‘switchers’.
It’s a funny thing, I trust Invision Power more at this point.

Feel free to comment.