Why is it Foo Presents?

bowl-bash-xiv-print-smallI received an message from an avid Camp Sleezy Skater today. While full of opinions, grammatically wrong and slang filled, he did bring up a good question. Here is my public reply to him:

Why is it Foo Presents?

  1. This is how professionals do it, dumbass.

    A Flyer Includes: Promoter, Venue, Sound, and Stage Management. I do 3 out of 4 of those things. I also get the praise or blame for the musical taste.

  2. When I tell someone to get on or off stage and they ask, “Who the hell are you?” I will point at the poster and say, “It’s my show shut up and do what I tell you.”

  3. Brewce is okay with it. And if you want to tell Brewce what to do, please wait until I get down there because I want to watch this.

Further, Foo presents” takes up 2.7% of the pixel area of the poster. That cannot begin to compensate me or anyone for the love and devotion put into this show. Brewce deserves more, the bands deserve more, everyone does. If you don’t think we deserve it, then don’t attend.

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