Mixed Messages on Flickr

I was browsing flickr today feeling rebellous. The graffiti tag search is useless. Whether street art, urban art, it seems everyone loves Banksy. Yes, he’s good. Real good. He makes up most of flickr’s graffiti photos pages deep. This shouldn’t be. Please. Stop loving Banksy. Blek le Rat Blek le Rat is a Frenchmen in […]

Cool Twitter Messages

This Globo-Corporate Marketing Valentines Day, I’m single and escape the clutches of greeting cards. Instead, I decided to post some personalized DM’s I send new followers on Twitter. Letting them know, someone in the twitterverse doesn’t Auto-DM. You Valentines Day gift is the title tag on each user link. Cool Twitter Messages @briyanni You’re background […]

How Cool is That? Josh Woodward on Last.fm

Recently I deleted about 95% of my music collection. I decided to go to a Creative Commons collection thanks to Jamendo. After confusing last.fm about my music taste, something happened. I got a friend request. Alright, those happen. Wait! It was Josh Woodward, who saw I was listening to his songs and requested me. How […]