Foursquare Badge List

If you’re like me and love collecting achievements, then foursquare will be no exception. You will not be able to collect them all as many of the badges are geo-specific and event oriented. However, most of the Active Badges can be achieved in a short amount of time. Here is a list of all the foursquare badges.

As with any social media experiment, earn awards often and early!

Wifebeater, Pittsburgh’s Soul Harvesters

Wifebeater is a band without regrets. The Outlaw Trio wanders the known world looking for scraps of mercenary work to pay for their instrument’s upkeep. Weathered wanted posters serve more as a warning than apprehension request. Either way, housewives whisper tales of the modern day sirens luring kids into the wilderness of imagination. Louisiana natives […]

Copenhagen 15 Summit Twitter Wordmap

December 2009 brought the Copenhagen 15 Summit and protesters trying to incite real change. Meanwhile, Iran took to the streets which meant certain death for a few, but the opportunity for the next generation to be scientists, thinkers, and teachers. Greece was in riots over their severe governmental distrust. The Gaza Strip also saw another […]

Demonoid Invitation Codes

Demonoid is a private BitTorrent tracker that only accepts new members referred by a Demonoid Invitation Code. Unlike The Pirate Bay, private trackers often require a minimum Upload:Download ratio making sure you’re a productive member of their community. The hope is this will result in higher quality material and file sharing. Haven’t gotten into Demonoid […]

The Last Hope’s Manifesto Advocates Class War

There was a day not long ago, the heavens stood still. The clouds shook with thunder and shattered into fragments. Through the Soul Forge’s flame, a figure of perfection streaked down unto the world leaving an amber sky. Legend has it, a punk angel received her wings on that day. As I wandered aimlessly, going […]

The Failed Artist (Hipster Edition)

This post starts out in a convenience store where it faithfully ends. Surrounded by expired snack cakes, she belches the typical clerk’s complaints: “Not suppose to be here”, “Better than these people”, and her primary sin “When my art career picks up” Little does she realize that ringing hipsters up for American Spirits does not […]

Bomb the Music Industry Back in Pittsburgh

Max up at 222 Ormsby are doing a special one-off show with Bomb the Music Industry, fresh back from the Gainsville Festival. Playoff Beard, a local favorite, will be there as well as Fezz-Wig. I’ll be hanging around to help dismantle to music industry. Bomb The Music Industry! – “Wednesday Night Drinkball” from Bryan Schlam […]

Death Threats Over a Tweet

Before Netroots Nation ’09, I always considered myself apolitical. I had relentlessly avoided the two-party system and the politics that accompanied it.  Even during the G20 Conference, I objectively tweeted and posted photography. Music is my primary function as an activist. G20 was a celebration of Independent Media. My flickr account exploded with traffic and […]

vBulletin Holds Consumers’ Puppy Hostage

Update 16:08 Oct 30: vBulletin becomes a Case Study of What Not to Do on eConsultancy, MyBB was added to the Article. Update 12:06, Oct 30: Some people are trying to sell off their licenses, some forums are holding donation drives, Kryptonian forums went to Invision Board, Casual Discourse says “Screw it.“, and I’m being […]